2.X-tended : Press release

visionXsound :[KV-N] : ExperimentalMusicVideoContest

In Austria a specific manifestation of media art simultaneously has its origin and became a tradition: the experimental music video clip, which - unlike the clips of the music record industry - is not used to advertise and promote music for television, nor to seize on music as an anonymous catalyst of [art] video clips. Rather, it enables both disciplines as emancipated vectors of an audio visual production to mutually amplify and complement each other.

All along it has been quintessential that music and video clip originated from the same artist or artist group and that - confidently disregarding the largely arbitrary boundaries between art and pop culture - mainly abstract formal aesthetic aspects remained paramount.

Topic and nomination criteria of »2.X-tended : visionXsound« were designed with this form of media art in mind. As for the media art real space exhibition 1.X-tended in the previous year, the project executing organisation again is the :[KV-N].

Two jury-nominated awards and an audience award will be given.

Concept and executive production: GRAF+ZYX
GRAF+ZYX [translated by Simone von der Geest]