I-F.IT – from 0 to infinite

Webclip 03:40 min. [1980-2007]

»i-f.it« is the logbook of an investigative voyage into the space of utopian visions, in which the original material mutates into astonishing combinations through fusion of a calculated chance subject to strictly serial parameters. It is the linking of an analogue, electronic and digital world which directs the momentary »Augen-Blick« - in the very moment of highest perplexity - to what is hidden beyond the obvious.
»i-f.it« is also a game playing with strong contrasts. Only a few artistic interventions such as the insertion of some areas filled with the non-colour black turn the »white cube«, the empty space of art, into a minimised stage play, a role play of particular nature:

Stripes dance, eyes roll, digits live - checkmate!

The players of the game themselves are pieces of a subordinate game. Thus, a small, complicated, and complex world with the prospect of infinity emerges in front of and behind the monitor screen.

GRAF+ZYX play chess. Accompanied by music of GRAF+ZYX, composed, written, arranged, played, vocalised, and produced by GRAF+ZYX. While GRAF+ZYX themselves become pieces in a game of chess. A production by GRAF+ZYX. In an environment designed, arranged, and realised by GRAF+ZYX. GRAF+ZYX film themselves while playing said simulated game of chess with the future prospective to cut the filmed material together with the graphical material, photographed, developed, enlarged, graphically reworked, and animated by GRAF+ZYX, to the rhythm of GRAF+ZYX. And at the time when GRAF+ZYX sit in front of the monitor and relish the video clip by GRAF+ZYX in an ambience designed and built by GRAF+ZYX themselves – who then could possibly still claim, that virtual worlds and avatars are only an invention of the internet age.
© GRAF+ZYX, tamara star|R| [translated by Simone von der Geest]