This virtual multiple page installation of 2005/2006 – especially composed for internet display – arranges several works of GRAF+ZYX including video, music, photography, and drawing as novel interdisciplinary tableaux. Through this deliberately active operation the programmed manifestations of their aesthetic resistance are dismissed into the emptiness of anonymous space; like cryptic ambassadors they go on an uncontrollable and unstoppable journey into the formal consciousness of the system.

The 6 tableaux of this installation with music are part of the mixed-media-installation GRAF+ZYX 06: »ITWASN'TUS - dead links« and were transformed into the real space of the gallery FLUSS/NÖ (Lower Austria) from 02.09. 06–24.09. 06.

With their hybrid mélange of construction, image, sound, and voice GRAF+ZYX follow the aesthetic principle of deconstruction consistently and exemplarily. Their multimedia-based productions of prototypical aesthetic artwork, pop attitude, »sub cultural ambience« and »psycho science activism« break with all traditions of art and with the general good taste. The permanently prevailing issue of the boundaries and basics of our conceptual, theoretical, and normative apparatus is provoked in their installations, and by concentrating on non-pronounced, omitted, and negated matter, focusing on „the other“ as it were, a model of an ephemeral response is constructed.

GRAF+ZYX [translated by Simone von der Geest]

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