None are Strangers


The work of dancers, choreographers, designers, and many other artists formed the Tanztheater Wien [TTW]. Some of them stayed, others left and came back. This process enables a renewed and reformed approach to every piece, and yet remains part of the same work, continuously perpetuating. 
NONE ARE STRANGERS refers to this process. In one of the undercurrents of Shakespeare's »Tempest«, the piece adapts metamorphosis and regeneration as theatrical means. In analogy to the »Tempest« it attempts to fathom what it means for a body to be torn away by water, to disappear, to transform into the fast phrasings of Ariel, to ponder weight and heaviness, to feel caught and released, and to begin anew.

GRAF+ZYX contributed with music and design to the work done in the founding years of the TTW. Now they designed a 60minutes electronic stage setting/scenic video clip. Independently from the TTW, they answered to the issues of NONE ARE STRANGERS; video and dance operate as a chain of coincidences.
[King/Biskup, translated by Simone von der Geest]