When Darkness Comes and other obscure dialogues with the world

Attracting the smart ones

GRAF+ZYX present new interpretations and remixes of video-, film- and music-fragments of the years 1977 to 2009 in the FLUC.
These nineteen audiovisual compositions – ranging from minimalistic-electronic constructions over complex-multilayered (human-)phrasings to reductionistic-synthetic form-finding – shall be understood as media performances  showing  inconsistent perspectives of a sometimes melancholically-sentimental, sometimes cynically-gloomy personal world view. 
60 minutes of music video in form of dynamic multiple projections and parallel screenings demonstrate once again the uncompromising development of two artists, that even today baffle the still reactionary rules of the audiovisual regurgitation and its marketing machine with their creative approach and decisions.
Their artistic spectrum – be it technocratically aloof, romantically psychodelic, or futuristically abstract – is an example for private autonomy and for successfully working alongside mass cultural phenomenons and currently popular identification patterns [GRAF+ZYX].
It is, nevertheless and in spite of all seriousness possible that  entertainment and fun may be found in these uneasy desires and joy in the indigestible, considering the ennerving ambience.