A piece from home


A piece from home: a collection of electronic, subtly equivocal ideal progressing from home as an abstract dimension centered an one’s own culture and language (Lehner) and home as a geographical notion to a distant third conception, into the spaces of life sensibility and timeless desire (Barna, Hatoum). A piece from home: monological impressions from home passing by, with traces of romaticism leading into the rural and alpine (Sixma/Vijselaar) and an assertion of rebellion against traditionalism (Blume, Morishita). A piece from home: from a cynical journey through the domain of past symbols and visible realities (Ostrezov), all along different conceptual dimensions and up to ways of thinking which, vacillating between grim fatalism (Steele/Tomczak)and fervent determination (Henricks), give expression to the desire for cultural identity.