Heavyweight Tango

Heavyweight Tango: a window opening into a world of unheard-of phenomena, in which ingenious, lustrous creations, complex in several ways, lead into systems of time and space beyond the logic of reason (Snow, GRAF+ZYX). Heavyweight tango: from the cynical beauty of the modern mechanist world with its fascination with speed and its concentration of power (Frez) post a scenery of intense cold light (Ernst) for the observation of strange bodies, floating in aesthetic spaces of isolation (Pasquella) to obscene invocations that cast dark shadows onto the purity of the image (Egli). Heavyweight tango: a unique instrument of visual polemics, whose mysterious intensity (Wagnest/Eder) is followed by macabre adventures ending fatally and paradoxical dialogues with the world (Mertvij/Jufit) which, ignoring the borderline between the conscious and the unconscious, lead into a vast, still unutilized reservoir of human thought and desire.